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IT Support

Printer, Computer or Laptop Problems Resolved

Computer or laptop keeps crashing, "blue or black screens of death", slow, infected by a virus or just plain not doing what you know it should be doing.

Printers not working either wired or wireless or printing strange characters.

Free yourself from being tethered to your printer and print from anywhere. In the lounge, office or even Spain back to your printer at home.

Wireless, Internet or Network Installation & Support

Setting up a new network or resolving issues with an existing network.

Whether it is a couple of PC's or laptops linked at home or a full corporate network with VPN's around the world we have the skills.

Wireless networking today is excellent. You may want to extend the coverage (range), add new devices (printers, PC's or security cameras), set up a securely encrypted wireless network or just get rid of unsightly cables.

Having trouble connecting to the internet or want to get connected. We can install and configure your router and recommend and arrange an Internet Provider for you.

Lost Data, Photos, Emails or Passwords Recovered and Data Backup

Ever lost a document, photo, email or password and had to start again or accept it's gone for good. Maybe not any more - data recovery has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years.

Data backup is often overlooked until your data is lost. Today's external hard drives cost under $200 for over 1TB of storage - it makes sense to protect your data before you lose it.

Preventative Maintenance & Remote Support

Preventative Maintenance is about looking after your assets - your computer, printer and other equipment and making sure you plan ahead to avoid hardware failures and losing those precious photos and data.

Preventing loss of data, unwanted shutdowns, viruses, computer attacks with regular maintenance minimising the risks of something going wrong.

So long as you have an internet connection we can provide online support at any agreed time. We'll schedule in with you regular remote maintenance or if something does go wrong we'll connect to your computer, laptop or router and diagnose and repair remotely where possible.

Check out our downloads section for some great free software that we use ourselves to help prevent virus, malware, spyware and other nuisances and attacks on your assets.

Virus, Malware and Spyware can be some of the most difficult problems to deal with. You will need professional help and most likely not remotely to begin with.

New, Replacement or Upgrade of Computer, Laptop, Printer, Tablet, Printer Ink or Other Equipment or Gadgets

Looking for that new gadget, tablet or a replacement laptop or computer we can provide you with what you need.

Need to upgrade memory or hard disk drive space to keep your existing equipment maintained.

Install a wireless security system that links into your home PC, records remotely and you can view from anywhere in the world.

Let us know what equipment you need or have us look at what you have and we'll advise you on what is best for you.

We can provide laptops, computers, printers, printer ink, routers, the latest tablets and gadgets, external backup drives, UPS or anything else you need from cables to screens.

And if we can't find the people who can you can look to outsource through one of the leading freelance outsourcing websites:

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