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POS SOLutions

POS Solutions have changed dramatically.


We will shortly have available an on the go mobile POS Solution for your mobile phone. Plug into your mobile phone, swipe or insert chip and pin card, have your customer enter pin or sign on your phones screen to authorise the transaction and that's it. Plug In - Get Paid!

It's the new revolutionary way of accepting payments. No more bulky terminals to carry around. No more expensive monthly contracts. No more monthy payments. One off setup fee of $99.00 and only 2.75% for most merchants, 0.95% for Charities & Non Profit Organisations. Per Transaction.

Conditions Apply.

3 Day Automatic Settlement of Funds

No need to setup separate Merchant Account with a Bank

No Hidden Costs of Fees

Wireless POS Solutions for Restaurants and Cafes

Pairing an Adroid phone or tablet to a mobile or desktop printer you can accept orders at the table and have them directly printed back to the back of house or bar speeding up delivery time to your customer. Why not have the tablets at the table so the customers can flick through your menu and place their orders themselves? It's a world of endless possibilities!

If you are looking for a PC based solution we can provide that to you as well.